Wednesday, February 1, 2012

[Tutorial] The Egg Deployer

OK, so as I promised, I'm showing you how to make the egg farm.

It's simple, here's a list of things you need:

- Cobblestone
- Four water buckets (two, if you know how to use them properly)
- Four signs
- Around two stacks of eggs (thirty-two eggs)
- Six ladders

Keep in mind that the machine will only show some results after thirty-minutes, since that's the time it takes for the chicken to grow up and lay eggs, nine minutes and seven minutes, respectively.

Let's get started. Make a shape like this:

Those two blocks will be used to drive the eggs to the collecting point.

Add more five layers of cobble to it, that way it'll have six layers total. Make sure to close it all now, leave only the first level with those two blocks opened.

Use the ladders on the back of it (or on the sides) to climb up, you'll need it.

Now add the four signs to the cobble walls. Doesn't matter which side you do it, as long as they're all the same level.

Next, put on the water. I'd recommend putting it on one corner and then on the opposite corner, but do as you want.

See this? Well, this water is endless. Use your buckets again and grab the water back. Now you have two filled buckets again. I call that a profit already.

Now you can get out of there. Just dig the floor out, nothing should be lost. But, of course, replace the blocks so it will be flattened.

We need to close it. You can do it two ways:

First one, using four trapdoors...

...or the second one, using only one trapdoor and three cobble blocks.

Now comes in the tricky part: spawning the chicken.

Get the stack of eggs and keep hitting a torch with it. This may be tricky, so I would advise you to put a sort of "dirt wall" around you, so neither you nor the chicken would be able to escape.

Once every eggs are spawned, you can go down.

The chickens will always follow the light, that's the reason of the torches. One or two may escape and will get lost, but don't worry - it's a chance in one million (it varies on the amount of chickens spawned there!)

Just make the channel and everything is done! Put two more buckets of water directly into the corners of the tower, like this:

Yeah, I know. Messy. Put some more cobble there. Seriously.

Cover it up.

There you are! Simple, isn't it?


  1. I've done something similar to this thing before but it was large and a waste of space - was a newb back then. I still have it though but without the water bit, I always walked in the "chicken room" lol.

    Nice post!

    1. It also works! But the chicken may run away every now and then. Unless you dig a long pit and use ladders to climb up again. But having to go down every time might not be a good thing.

  2. Haha this is pretty sweet, I'm trying it out!

  3. isn't this docm77's design for his "chicken battery"?

  4. You dont have issues with them taking suffocation damage? I had a similar method but they kept dying on me. Switched to fences but since 1.0 they glitch through.