Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Enchanting Table

See this little table with a book above it? Well, this put us in a lot of trouble.
While going down the mines to get the required... ingredients... we both fell and died. We had to get back down, get our equipment back (thankfully nothing of value was lost) and go back up to recover ourselves.

Took us about twenty-five minutes to gather everything and craft it - around five to get the obsidian, twenty to find the diamonds.

This table is useful in a lot of ways:
1. You can make your tools stronger.
2. You can make your armor stronger.
3. You can make your weapons stronger.

Here's how it's crafted:

- Four blocks of obsidian (naturally obtained by the mixture of lava + water and harvested using a diamond pickaxe)
- Two diamonds (obtained naturally on mines using an iron or better pickaxe)
- A book

To make the books you need to make the paper first. To do so, position three sugarcanes like the picture:

Now you have three pieces of paper. Position them like this to make a book.

 BAM! You can now make an Enchanting Table and enchant your items to level 5. If you want more, you need to make some bookshelves (like the first picture) so you can increase the level of your items to the maximum of 50, but keep in mind that is EXTREMELY rare to happen.

That's it. More posts today.

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Wheat Farm

A wheat farm is basically the first thing I myself build every time I play survival. This time wasn't different, but we built a very small one, like a 5x3 thing. Not enough to feed us both, specially when we got down the mine to explore it.

While NiPur was up there working on the Tower, I took my time to work on this beauty (which is... let's call... vital).

You can't see it, but there are blocks of water on the left and right sides of the crop field, respectively. These blocks are enough to irrigate the entire field you see.

At the time I took these screenshots there was no "harvesting" system, which resulted in we ourselves hitting each crop with bare hands and collecting the seeds and the wheat. But that used to take too long and we couldn't afford that time - we wanted to finish the tower and explore the other mines, that's why the need of wheat, to make breads.

This is the bread recipe:

Wheat goes in, bread comes out. No need to put it in the furnace, ironically.

See those torches on the ceiling, in the middle of the room? Well, they were taken out. The ceiling was flattened and I made two holes on it - one in each side of the room, right above the crop field.
I had to dig up, but the problem is - I hit the tree farm. I had to redo it a couple of times until I could find the right spot for both of the pistons. Here's a scheme on how it works:

The redstone wiring for both pistons is linked to the same lever, so whenever you pull the lever, the pistons move. The pistons are usually extended because of a redstone inverter, but whenever you pull the lever down, the pistons will retract (like the picture above), letting the water come down and making all the crops be released from the dirt. Then we just need to replant it and wait so the crop will grow again.

Here's the result of ONE full field (like the first picture).

That's it for now. See you guys on the next post!

The Main Tower - Far Front

Just took this one. The fireball at the top may receive a few changes, but nothing too exaggerated.

The Main Tower - Interior

This is how the Main Tower looks from the inside, first floor.

Maybe  a few more screenshots today, maybe tomorrow.

The Nether Portal

We couldn't explore the Nether that much (Ghasts EVERYWHERE), but we got a good amount of Netherrack, so I built this little room. It's inside the Portal. Check it out:

Took something from five to ten minutes to make. Nothing extraordinary, but still pretty.

The Main Tower - Front

This is how the Main Tower looks from the balcony.

I can't really tell how long this took since I didn't do anything on this part, but still, it took a loooooong time.

Sugarcane Farm

Last post I mentioned the sugarcane farm, where we used the sticky-pistons to help us on harvesting. I know that it's not hard to harvest it - you just need to hit it once for the cane to drop... but pistons are more fun to work with.

You press the button in the middle and...

The cane drops. Profit!

If you want to know more about the piston system, just ask me. I can show it.

See you guys on the next post.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Slime Spawner

Do you remember the Main Tower, of the previous post? Well, we need to take cobblestone out of somewhere, so here it is. This is how it looks like at the moment. It is the Slime Spawner.

Yeah, I know, I know. It looks like an empty room. It is, actually. Let's just hope that slimes will spawn in here...

We got some already, like five or six, maybe we will have luck. We got something around 30 slime balls, which are enough to make, well, 30 sticky-pistons. I used them on the sugarcane farm, but that's a subject for another post.

More posts tomorrow!

The Main Tower

This is a nice picture of the main tower we (mostly Nipurr) are working on.

I'm not actually quite sure how long this tower is going to take, but it's taking major resources. Not a problem, since we're digging down to make a slime farm (that will, hopefully, spawn slimes).

Hey guys!

So, me and my bud started playing Minecraft Survival a few days ago, and we decided to make this blog so we could show you guys our progress.

For those who don't know what Minecraft is, well, Minecraft is basically "a game about putting blocks", as the developer himself said. You don't really have a goal on this game, you just play it for fun.

This is a screenshot of our second day. Beautiful sunset. As a bonus for the first post, here's a screenshot of our base, after four days of playing on it.

Stay tuned if you want to see our progress!