Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Rage quit

We were super happy today because we found some more cows for our farm and a music disc.

But then the night came. We were trapped with around five cows on our back.

NiPur was the first one to get killed. He had food, but no time to heal. A skeleton took him down. I took as many items that dropped from his body as I could, but then a creeper blew me up.

We tried to get back to the place but we both lost our map in that adventure.

Around 8 tools (pickaxes, shovels), 3 weapons (swords, bows), around 120 arrows, around 60 bread, around 30 torches were lost. Not to mention the freaking MUSIC DISC! A MUSIC DISC!

We know when it's time to stop. At least for today.


  1. Been there man, was building a wall once and a skeleton hit me and made me drop to the floor. Then a creeper came up to me blowing part of my wall and most of mt health, then the skeleton finished me off.

    Didn't play for a day.

  2. Sounds like a hell of a gaming session. Haha. Got any space for me to join in? :P

  3. Dang dude! That sucks! I'm sorry you lost the disk :( Those things are soooooo rare!!! I haven't found any in all of my travels so far. Good luck in the future man.