Monday, January 30, 2012

The Wheat Farm

A wheat farm is basically the first thing I myself build every time I play survival. This time wasn't different, but we built a very small one, like a 5x3 thing. Not enough to feed us both, specially when we got down the mine to explore it.

While NiPur was up there working on the Tower, I took my time to work on this beauty (which is... let's call... vital).

You can't see it, but there are blocks of water on the left and right sides of the crop field, respectively. These blocks are enough to irrigate the entire field you see.

At the time I took these screenshots there was no "harvesting" system, which resulted in we ourselves hitting each crop with bare hands and collecting the seeds and the wheat. But that used to take too long and we couldn't afford that time - we wanted to finish the tower and explore the other mines, that's why the need of wheat, to make breads.

This is the bread recipe:

Wheat goes in, bread comes out. No need to put it in the furnace, ironically.

See those torches on the ceiling, in the middle of the room? Well, they were taken out. The ceiling was flattened and I made two holes on it - one in each side of the room, right above the crop field.
I had to dig up, but the problem is - I hit the tree farm. I had to redo it a couple of times until I could find the right spot for both of the pistons. Here's a scheme on how it works:

The redstone wiring for both pistons is linked to the same lever, so whenever you pull the lever, the pistons move. The pistons are usually extended because of a redstone inverter, but whenever you pull the lever down, the pistons will retract (like the picture above), letting the water come down and making all the crops be released from the dirt. Then we just need to replant it and wait so the crop will grow again.

Here's the result of ONE full field (like the first picture).

That's it for now. See you guys on the next post!


  1. Dayum, that wheat field is massive as! It'd be great to see more of your world mate, could get some inspiration from it.

  2. i always make a wheat farm as well so helpful for food

  3. Looking good. I really know very little about Minecraft but looks like it could be fun.

  4. always wanted to know more about minecraft. keep the good job done!